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SEM (In-House)

DISCLAIMER: Quotes valid for 60 days from return; any campaign start date outside of the 60 days will require a new quote. Quoted benchmarks including estimated reach, estimated CPC/CPM or other metrics are not guaranteed at any point. Quotes are snapshots and estimates could change based on demand and other factors outside of our control.
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  • Before Submitting Your Request

    The following are common reasons quote requests get rejected. Please verify that your quote does not meet any of the following criteria:

    • More than 20 geos. Google/ YouTube does not allow us to quote on more than 20 locations at one time. If you submit more than 20 geos, your quote request will be rejected.
    • Falling outside Compulse Budget requirements. For Paid Search, we require $750 monthly minimum. For YouTube, we require $3,000 for 1 month or $1,500 for 2 or more months. If you are below minimums, your quote request will be rejected. Rate Approvals must come from Bryan Paride
    • Submitting multiple budgets per quote request. With each quote request, we provide your budget, our minimum, and the dominant budget. If you would like more budgets, submit quote requests for each budget. If you combine multiple budgets per quote request, your quote request will be rejected.

    By checking the box below, confirm that your quote request does not fall into any of these categories. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Compulse In-House Paid Media Team at