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CXM Market Research Request

CXM Market Research Request
Is this an existing platform Client (Does this client currently have a Pro-Platform?

Additional Client Info

Is this prospect part of a dealer group?
What Departments does this client have?
What type of inventory are listed on this site?
Are the vehicles on the website at one physical location?
Does this site have VDPs? (Unique URL for each inventory piece)
Does this rooftop use custom images for inventory?
Do any of the VDP images on the website contain phone numbers?
What social media platforms does this rooftop use?
Is this rooftop’s FB page active?
Are there multiple FB pages for this rooftop?
Does this rooftop have a GMB? (Google My Business page)
Are Current offers listed?
Is their current inventory listed?
Do they have VLAs? (Vehicle Listing Ads)
Is the dealer on 3rd party sites? (3rd party leads)
Does the dealer have call tracking in place?
Does the client have a dedicated customer experience (CX) system in place?
Does the dealer use equity mining or any credit related tools in their marketing efforts?
Is each Service customer pre-qualified for upgrades?